SPEC releases nine Lumina reports

On October 30, 2015, SPEC released Improving the Yields in Higher Education, a comprehensive report on a five-year state policy and institutional change  effort funded by Lumina Foundation. (Click here for the report and news release.)

Between 2008 and 2013, SPEC worked with an international, multi-disciplinary team of experts in higher education research and policy, in systems thinking in evaluation, and in evaluating inter-organizational collaboratives to evaluate a national initiative of Lumina Foundation aimed at improving higher education productivity in seven states: Arizona, Indiana, Maryland, Montana, Ohio, Tennessee and Texas. SPEC produced nine reports from this work (one about each of the seven states plus two reports offering cross-state syntheses and analyses). Click here to view and download the reports.

SPEC releases EvaluationLive!®  

After more than 30 years as a practicing evaluator, Melanie Hwalek and Mary Williams created a model for how to breathe life, fun and excitement into program evaluation experiences. EvaluationLive!®  is a practice model that helps evaluators go beyond just doing good work to creating excitement, urgency and a hunger for learning during the evaluation experience. This, in turn, maximizes evaluation use and greater value for stakeholders. Click here to view and download information about EvaluationLive!®.  


SPEC staff on MSU Faculty


Melanie Hwalek, SPEC’s founder and CEO, was recently appointed to the faculty of Michigan State University and will be teaching the capstone PSY: 888 Evaluation Management course for the new online MA in Program Evaluation program. The course draws on Melanie’s 30+ years of managing evaluations through SPEC Associates and will teach essential evaluation project planning and management skills to prepare the next generation of high quality program evaluators.