“This work really was used as I feel evaluation is best used, certainly to learn from the past but also to look forward around strategic planning… It was very gratifying.”
Karen Adams, Vice President, National Priorities

“Working with the SPEC team greatly enhanced our evaluation. They provided a depth of knowledge and unusual blend of rigor and accessibility. They fully engaged the evaluation participants, resulting in rich and meaningful outcome data.”
Susan Chase, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, Open Minds LLD

“SPEC has been valuable to the Lumina Foundation in their ability to pull together large amounts of qualitative data into compelling memos and case studies. Their work has provoked our thinking and actions and helped to develop our work in meaningful and useful directions.”
Courtney Brown Ph.D., Director of Organizational Performance and Evaluation, Lumina Foundation

“The insights generated by SPEC’s analyses of qualitative data drawn from large volumes of documentation and on-the-ground interviews with stakeholders greatly improved our ability to implement a complex body of work involving many partner organizations.”
Kevin Corcoran, Strategy Director, Lumina Foundation

“It is what I had hoped for from a qualitative evaluator, which is that your work has already caused us to ask different kinds of questions of ourselves and to see the work that we are doing through slightly different lenses; it is exactly the kind of work that is very helpful, supportive, and productive, and hopefully it pushes us to do even better things.”
Gail Mellow, PhD, President, LaGuardia Community College